Grade exams, problem sets, and other assignments more efficiently by building intuitive, dynamic rubrics as you work.

This tool is also available as an integration with UVACanvas, UVACollab, Blackboard (Commerce), Brightspace (Commerce), Canvas (Darden), Canvas (Education) and Canvas (SCPS). Log into a supported LMS and add the tool to use it there.

How can Gradescope enhance teaching and learning?

  • By delivering detailed feedback more quickly using specialized rubrics built and adapted during the grading process
  • By ensuring a more consistent evaluation of student performance with the application of a single set of parameters and comments for every student
  • By expanding assessment possibilities for larger courses previously limited to multiple choice or other autograded question types due to time constraints


Availability and Licensing


This tool is available to all faculty, staff, and students throughout the University, including the academic division and the University Health System.


This tool is available to all faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the organization that has purchased the license.


Access to this tool is available through a dedicated website or application and integrations with selected Learning Management Systems.

Student Cost:

This tool does not require any additional purchase from students.


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Gradescope saves a lot of time in the grading process. It has decent documentation and I've found it easy to find answers online to my questions. Gradescope has a lot of great features, but it's not always intuitive as to which options to use or where to find those features.
Steven Johnson
It's a slow start learning this tool, but once you get the hang of it, you'll quickly fly throw the setting-up of templates for quizzes and exams and be grading faster than ever! A worthwhile tool!
Courtney Beach
The dates bar on the side is confusing. If there are two assignments due on the same date, but one has a longer open window than the other (ie: you have two weeks to do one assignment but one week to do the other) then the bar on the side makes it look like one is due significantly sooner than the other, when they are due on the same date. I have missed deadlines due to this ;-;
Emily Bevan
Arts & Sciences
Very helpful for grading complex, free-response questions quickly and for providing targeted feedback. A few students seem to have a hard time understanding their scores/which rubric items are selected when they receive their exams back, but I truly think this is on the part of students as the software is relatively intuitive to me and most other students it seems.
Shreya Chappidi
Arts & Sciences
My key criticism of GradeScope is that it requires you to grade problem-by-problem rather student-by-student. I deal with a lot of questions that may have 5-10 subproblems, each of which build on the last. If a student makes a mistake in subproblem 1a, there is no reason to also penalize them for it in subproblem 1f (assuming their approach to 1f would have been correct had they not made a mistake earlier on). Therefore, going through one problem at a time makes it significantly more time consuming than if I could go through one student at a time.
Nick Cooney
This is my experience working with other faculty. Hugely impactful for faculty and students. Gail Hunger
Gail Hunger
Arts & Sciences
Use it for every quiz, best way to fairly / consistently award partial credit.
Benjamin Rous
Arts & Sciences
Gradescope has basically replaced all Collab assignments for me. I don't love the current Collab integration, but uploading grades via spreadsheet is pretty easy if you prefer that route. For most instructors, I think that Gradescope would be a pretty big improvement over other systems.
Rich Ross
Arts & Sciences


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Platform Requirements
  • Google Chrome: 96+
  • Microsoft Edge: 95+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 94+
  • Safari: 14+
  • Google Chrome: 96+
  • Microsoft Edge: 95+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 94+

Gradescope has not posted any technical requirements for mobile devices.



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