Harvard Business Publishing Education (HBPE)

Harvard Business Publishing offers a complete catalog of business case studies, articles, books, and simulations to add dynamic, real-life perspective.

This tool is available as an integration with UVACanvas and Blackboard. Log into a supported LMS and add the tool to use it there.

How can Harvard Business Publishing Education (HBPE) enhance teaching and learning?

Harvard Business Publishing Education is a division of Harvard Business Publishing that specializes in providing educational content and learning solutions to business schools, universities, and corporate clients worldwide. Their offerings include case studies, simulations, online courses, and teaching materials designed to enhance business education and executive development. Harvard Business Publishing Education aims to empower educators and learners with cutting-edge resources to foster critical thinking, leadership skills, and business acumen.


Availability and Licensing

Commerce, Darden

This tool is available to faculty, staff, and students affiliated with Commerce and Darden.


This tool is available to all faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the organization that has purchased the license.


Access to this tool is available through integrations with selected Learning Management Systems.

Student Cost:

This tool does not require any additional purchase from students.


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