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UVA is significantly reducing the number of Otter Pro licenses available to the University community through central funding beginning August 1, 2023. After this date, licenses will be available for accommodations and special circumstances only. License requests will be approved by the Student Disability Access Center (for students) or the Coordinator for Academic Accessibility (for instructors and staff members).

Otter Voice Notes

Provide automatic transcriptions of audio and video content, with options to add highlights, comments, and images.

How can Otter Voice Notes enhance teaching and learning?

  • By providing automatic transcription of courses, meetings, and other recordings to assist faculty and students with accommodations, or other needs or preferences
  • By generating fully editable and searchable "smart notes" tagged with keywords, with the option to add additional annotations and content
  • By integrating with your existing Zoom account if desired to display live transcripts alongside your Zoom meetings


Availability and Licensing


This tool is available to all faculty, staff, and students throughout the University, including the academic division and the University Health System.


This tool is available to a limited number of faculty, staff, and students within the organization that has purchased the license. Contact for more information.

(101 licenses remaining)


Access to this tool is available through a dedicated website or application.

Student Cost:

This tool does not require any additional purchase from students.


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Pedagogical Impact
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I love everything about Otter -- it's simple, fast, and works great.
Bryce Huffman
I loved using otter and definitely want to continue using it in the future! It is so helpful to have something to go back to and to record and transcribe in the moment
Daniela Bernstein
Otter has been extremely helpful to our team as we're trying to interview new candidates. It allows us to focus more on the conversation and less on "note taking". We still jot down highlights, but having Otter as a backup has been wonderful.
Christopher Welte
Not only does this tool support those who need accessibility support for class and meetings, but it also helps students keep track of discussion/lecture/meeting notes without having to miss any important and relevant content. Thank you so much for providing Otter Voice Notes as an option at UVa - it is a life-changer!
Alexis Yang
Arts & Sciences
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Specifications and Support

This tool conforms to the University’s regulations for data privacy and protection.

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Platform Requirements
  • Google Chrome: 67+
  • Microsoft Edge: 88+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 59+
  • Safari: 15+
  • Google Chrome: 67+
  • Microsoft Edge: 88+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 59+
  • Safari: 15+
  • iOS: 11.0+
  • Android: 5.0+

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