Develop surveys and assessments with multiple question types, display logic, branching, and NetBadge authentication.

How can Qualtrics enhance teaching and learning?

  • By building advanced assessments with multiple question types, including multiple choice, hot spot, and text entry
  • By using display logic and branching to create completely customized assessment experiences based on students' identities and selections
  • By restricting assessments to particular individuals using NetBadge or specified user lists


Availability and Licensing


This tool is available to all faculty, staff, and students throughout the University, including the academic division and the University Health System.


This tool is available to all faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the organization that has purchased the license.


Access to this tool is available through a dedicated website or application.

Student Cost:

This tool does not require any additional purchase from students.


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I'm definitely a fan of the Qualtrics platform! Confluence is another platform we use that ITS supports that we use greatly!
Xavier Wiltbank
Qualtrics is an essential tool for both teaching and research. Some features are not intuitive ... but this has been one of the top two or three best additions to the UVA toolkit in recent recent years.
Paul Freedman
Arts & Sciences
It would be good to have a tutorial video for set up, novice, intermediate, etc. Too difficult to navigate and find on the site what you need if you do not have a large amount of time.
John Pearman
I really enjoy Qualtrics- I find it to be very user friendly
Jessie Copeland
School of Medicine
While Qualtrics offers lots of features and options, they're not very easy to use or understand.
Office for Sustainability
Use the tool frequently to complete surveys for DEI, Remote Working among others. Very easy to use, distribute and analyze
Physicians Grouip
My go-to resource for gathering data from a group of team members in physically different locations.
UVA Health
It's the only research and student data approved survey tool we have at UVA. If you are doing a form for registrations, feedback, evaluation, research, etc. this is the tool for it. It works well and has many options & the reports are nice. The interface can be a little slow and at times cumbersome, but I have not seen any other tool in this category do better overall in scope of features and security. Do make sure you make or copy a survey to the account where responses should live long term before sending it live as transferring ownership is not a user accessible feature.
The tool is great overall and has been impactful on multiple projects on a variety of scales. The main challenge I encounter is with reporting - you have to build the tools for the reporting you want on the back end, which is not always obvious. I find exporting to Excel and then manipulating the data to be easiest.
Medical Center
Qualtrics help via phone, chat, or email is outstanding. I got help over the phone on a weekend! It's a powerful tool that takes a few minutes to understand but is more than worth the up front time.
Information Security at the University of Virginia
Qualtrics is an extremely powerful survey tool. It's fairly easy to set up a simple survey, but takes a little more time to understand and implement the more sophisticated options. There are plenty of resources to help learn the tool, but I found it most helpful to partner with an expert user to build surveys.
Qualtrics is indispensable to my research and teaching
Timothy Wilson
Arts & Sciences
I love Qualtrics and use it frequently in my job.
Mary Cook
I have been utilizing Qualtrics for a number of years and have seen the advances in their user interface. Some features still need improvement, in particular navigation and sharing privilege's.
It would be great if notification would be provided when GUI modifications are made, and with some kind of tips, tools, etc. When GUI changes are made, it takes a bit of time to adjust, and get deadline driven work completed.
I have been using Qualtrics extensively since 2015, almost exclusively for student surveys. While there have been times when I've sought help via posted online videos or Qualtrics FAQs, I have always found what I needed. The good news is that there seems to be a robust community of Qualtrics users.
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Qualtrics is a fantastic data collection tool!! With careful set up, the survey dataset can download to do analysis in any program quite easily (make sure to rename variable names and check the scoring of answer choices). There are some idiosyncrasies that make data analysis much smoother if you figure it out, and I wish there was a helpful manual or workshop for this (there probably are many that I don't know about). I have two critiques of qualtrics. Grad students have three mysterious accounts-- why? It is very difficult to know that you have three separate accounts and to work in qualtrics when there are three accounts-- simply one secure account login would be helpful! Second, the qualtrics platform is user friendly for participants/survey takers; however, I wish the reporting feature to participants was better! Why can't we send a report of responses to each participants? or a follow up report? Ugh!
Allison Ward-Seidel
Qualtrics is complicated, but very robust. I use it both to inform program design, and as a tool for my students to learn to use in my clinic. It reinforces lesson I teach about survey design. I don’t use it for everything but it’s great having it available for when I need serious analytics.
Sarah Shalf
This was my first time using any survey building software. While I felt creating my survey was easy enough, sifting through the results was cumbersome, and I didn't care for that user interface. It was also too easy to inadvertently submit a "response" while building the survey, which ended up skewing some answers. Thankfully this was a rather informal project for a class.
I need to explore more of what it can do.
The biggest issue I have with Qualtrics is its report outputs. The reports feature never seems to provide the full data (some elements, whether questions or graphics, just go missing) and the formatting is very poor in a downloaded format. There are lots of features of Qualtrics that are super great and easy to use, but the reporting feature is simply not great at all. That has been my constant and main point of issue with Qualtrics.
Lauren Wallace
I wish we would have more of available Qualtrics tools at our platform to optimize the surveys quality, and crossing of data results. Right now, it seems to be very heavy to maneuver results.
The app that is being used by the project's data collectors in the field has not been updated in over a year. The project is not using the highest level of security for its data as it is not applicable in this situation. However, there are bugs for when the data collector's are logistically collecting data with the participant pool that is being affected by the fact that the app has not been updated. One area that is affected negatively is accessibility: if a data collector has to stop a session for some reason and then start a new session with the same participant then the screen becomes very small and is hard to navigate; it also makes it hard to enter data accurately for both the participant and the data collector. Overall, creating surveys on the platform is not intuitive either and very cumbersome. If someone is designing a survey for a pilot then there must be a way to code the questions in instead of inputting everything for each question by hand. For small surveys this tool seems great, however for multiple surveys for a project, the tool seems to be an awkward fit.
Sarah Hawthorne
A couple updates recently have made Qualtrics much more difficult to use. Now when I try to download a survey result, I am unable to re-name it prior to downloading and saving. this is a huge pain and adds a significant amount of additional work.
Qualtrics has become an essential tool for teachers, students, administrators and researchers across Grounds. It should be centrally funded. There are important synergies that we gain by having this available as a standard, common tool for collecting data in various contexts.
Arts & Sciences
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  • Microsoft Edge: 96+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 95+
  • Safari: 15+
  • Google Chrome: 96+
  • Microsoft Edge: 96+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 95+
  • iOS: 9+
  • Android: 5+


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