Make the web, documents and files more accessible by reading digital content aloud to support reading, writing, comprehension, and vocabulary development.

How can Read&Write enhance teaching and learning?

Building confidence in writing is key to helping students achieve across all subjects. The features within Read&Write provide students who struggle with writing with more choice in how they complete tasks. Including access to grammar checkers that help them to complete work to a high standard.

  • Build student confidence and achievement in writing
  • Provide students with multiple ways to complete work


Availability and Licensing

Academic System, University

This tool is available to faculty, staff, and students affiliated with Academic System and University.


This tool is available to all faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the organization that has purchased the license.


Access to this tool is available through a dedicated website or application.

Student Cost:

This tool does not require any additional purchase from students.


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Specifications and Support

This tool has provided a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or other resources that summarize its compliance with important accessibility standards.

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This tool conforms to the University’s regulations for data privacy and protection.

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